Upload’s first season may have missed you, because it debuted on Amazon Prime in May of 2020 — and yeah, we were all home, but there weren’t any big parties or premieres to make it stand out among all the other things we were desperately bingeing. We more or less stumbled on it, and ended up quite enjoying it. The premise is: In the future, you can plan to have yourself uploaded after death to an afterlife version of a retirement home, and your living relatives can do virtual visits until they kick off themselves and join you there. Robbie Amell dies under suspicious circumstances and gets uploaded, and ends up questioning a lot of it, developing something of an investigative friendship with his afterlife concierge (who exists in both worlds) played by Andy Allo up there. I THINK that’s a fair summary? It’s been a minute. Anyway, I’m happy for the show that it gets to have a big party, at last. Andy sure made the most of it.