This topic came up earlier this….month? Week? Recently!….when we were all looking at photos of folks in the front rows of the most recent set of Fashion Weeks and noticed how many of them were wearing what I called “swirly” skirts. That was basically a shorthand for a mid-length skirt that was…you know. Swirly. Not straight up and down. Sometimes pleated. Silk-ish? Sometimes. Anyway, as with pornography, you know a swirly skirt when you see one, and many of us decided that we want one. I bought one several years ago from J.Crew — this one — and they are more versatile than you think. Oftentime, it feels like that “seasonally transitional!!!” tag from glossy magazines/brands is not really true, but these skirts kinda are, because they look normal with tights and boots and also with sandals. ANYWAY. Maybe you want one?  (I really want SOMEONE to buy this Jason Wu one where the print is Coke bottles.) Here are a bunch:

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