You may not be personally going back to school — or maybe you are! I don’t know your life! But if there is one thing I do know, it’s that a very large percentage of Fug Nation loves cute school supplies: Notebooks! Pens! Pencils! Various other school/office dodads that you might not strictly need-need, but that you truly feel might make you enjoy your job more. (Like…am I going to buy this pen? The answer’s not no. That website, Papier, is just FULL of beautiful, beautiful items.) Also, this was a much requested topic last time I asked! So, please come sniff the highlighters with me:

You should also know that Wirecutter did a HUGELY detailed piece on notebooks in November 2020  — you can tell the folks who were working on it were obsessively thinking about anything that wasn’t…November 20202 — that is fascinating and also filled me with rage because it’s full of MOLESKINE INSULTS and I am devoted to my Moleskine. I suspect they got actual angry letters about it. (I’ve been using this Moleskine day planner for over a decade and it is my life.)

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