First of all, I am taking suggestions for shopping posts for the rest of the year. Please let me know if you have any requests. Second! I thought it might be interesting and fun to see which ten items have been most-purchased by y’all this year so far. It was quite interesting! (I try to keep an eye on this data because seeing what you’re buying helps me know what you are interested in, shopping-wise.)

10. Feels right to kick off with some pink sunglasses. Those are sold out, but these are super-similar.

9. I also really loved these gradient-painted planters!

8. You were really into a houndstooth coat, which isn’t available anymore. If you are the sort of highly organized person who is buying coats now, this one is similar and really cute.

7. This sundress was so popular here — and elsewhere because it is sold out from Nordstrom. This is where I note that I recently-ish wrote a whole post of sundresses!

6. This is the part of the list and the year where we were all buying tie-dyed sweatshirts. The one I linked to originally is sold out, but these are similar and really cute.

5. I am not surprised that this incredibly cute wine/table snack tray sold very well, but it’s also sold out and the shop is actually also unavailable at the moment! Amazon has a decent dupe, though. I feel like I probably need one of these in my life, to be honest.

4. We featured these origami fox earrings in this year’s gift guide and y’all LOVED them. They are really, really cute.

3. I’m delighted by how many of you bought these cute ceramic koi for your garden/yard/whatever. They are so adorable. I’ve also purchased pot feet for my planters from this shop, which I’m very happy with.

2. AND  1. Y’all really, really, really love beautiful door wreaths, given that this Rosemary and Lavender Wreath came in second and this Summer Harvest Wreath came in number one overall for the year to date! They are insanely pretty, and this Etsy shop has really beautiful items. Do I need a eucalyptus and marjoram wreath for the end of summer?

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