Emma here is doing something interesting for Beauty and the Beast: She has started a special Instagram account called The Press Tour, just to showcase what she’s wearing via multimedia and lengthy explanations of the outfits — many of which use recycled materials and/or organic products. I’ll keep the captions on these, because in true GFY spirit, they are informative.

I wish I liked this LV better. Here, take a still look at it:

The boots are terribly clunky and mismatched, which is an aesthetic LV has cleaved to in the past couple years, but to much better effect than this. It’s almost as if she forgot to pack her real shoes. And the top looks like somebody woefully failed basketweaving. There is a much prettier dress in there just itching to get out — part of it has even climbed over the Boob Fence of Doom. It’s trying to save itself, I think. LET IT, Emma.

Emma has long played around with pants: secret pantspants with trains, proper suit pantspants under dresses, pants that are a really weird ending to the whole outfit, elaborately costumey pants at the Met Gala. She is a pioneer of pants. She loves the formal trouser. And this feels like a cocktail of all those things, but… a lukewarm one, slightly diluted, like it’s been sitting on a table all night because nobody remembered whose it was. The bodice is so pretty; the sash is a striking color. But the pants feel too casual, almost, though, don’t they? Essentially, it has nice elements, and it’s an interesting experiment — but one that I think might have landed better if we hadn’t seen variations of it already on Emma so many times.

That IS sort of a cute coat. Maybe Stella should take a break from other things and ONLY do coats for a while.

Oh, and while we’re at it, here’s a highly hoikable Dior we missed:

This isn’t so much pretty to me, as it is the second grade craft project for a teacher who is REALLY into horoscopes.