From here, this is more of a slam-dunk fab for me.

If I had, say, stood in line several people behind her in the bathroom line, with a very limited view of what was happening, I would have texted Jessica and been like, “Well. Hermione Granger for the win.” And she would have pointed out that this is a true sentence even if Emma were to wear empty bags of popcorn held together by strings of chewing gum, because Hermione Granger shall always win; she would have been right. But the point is, if you can’t see the surprises, this is easier to love definitively.

Let’s look at the surprises, though. Because we can’t keep secrets from each other, or else what will our relationship be?

This flavor of surprise is so very Emma Watson. She is a trouser minx. Remember this, from the 2014 Globes? That was essentially the opposite: A hint of mischief from the front, and then an open back that revealed its pantsorial chicanery. Emma Watson is one of the only people — other than Emma Stone, possibly — who could go Dress Over Pants and have it feel fresh and youthful, rather than insane. I’ll happily give her that. But here’s the thing: I love that poppy pattern. Love it. And the way the slit in the front mirrors the pants is really distracting to me. If I look at her wrong, my mind processes THAT part as pants and assumes she’s in costume as a very ornate letter X.

This is the only photo I could find in our sources where she’s standing with her legs together, and… maybe I can look at it and think of the dress as a strapless, sleeveless coat. Maybe. But probably not. And regardless of whether she’s making the edgy version work, I can’t help dreaming of what might have been if Osman had said, “Sometimes a dress can just be a dress.”

Call it. No prevarication.

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And which Pants Chicanery do you think is better?

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