HBO has been re-running all the Harry Potter movies from when they were all pint-size, which is where I re-learned that a) I still hate Movie Moaning Myrtle; b) Kenneth Branagh is more fun to watch when he’s being pompous on purpose; c) Hugh Grant would have been THEORETICALLY funny in that part but they’d have had to make him blonde and if you close your eyes and try to imagine Hugh Grant as a blonde it will probably make mirth explode out your nostrils; d) I love all these freaking kids so freaking much; and, among other things, e) I despite not quite being old enough to be her mother, I have very maternal feelings toward Emma Watson. I could not have been more thrilled when she tweeted, humorously, that she would never in a million years try out for 50 Shades of Gray (I’m paraphrasing), and she’s turned into a lovely young woman who — even with the occasional boob slip — seems to understand the difference between “edgy” and “porny.” Doesn’t always mean I LIKE her picks, but I like the sense behind them.

Oh, Hermione:

  • I love it. (22%, 974 Votes)
  • I want to change it here and there (52%, 2,322 Votes)
  • I want it to drink polyjuice potion so that it will morph into something else ENTIRELY (27%, 1,198 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,494

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