This Calvin Klein outfit was designed in conjunction with Eco-Age as part of the Green Carpet sustainability push.

And from this angle, you think, “Wow, that is a very long train on that gown, and this seems enormously off-topic for the evening.” But funnily enough, we JUST discussed yesterday Emma’s adoration of hybrid dress-pants, and boy is she ever continuing that streak:

Those aren’t just dress-pants. They’re GOWN-pants. And I may be about to surprise you as much as I surprised myself, but: I’m here for this. At the Met and the Met alone, but still. Somehow, the outfit turning out to be pants is what makes it fit the setting. The intricate work and the fact that it’s eco-friendly together give it that technological edge, the cut has a futuristic flair to it, and I think the subtle zipper on the bodice is a small but important detail that melds that piece into the whole. It may not make me want to wear it, but as a museum piece at a gala where the very idea is to live up to what’s in the display cases, she’s hitting her marks.

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