It should be no surprise that the label that brought us Skirt Leg would also provide… whatever this is:

It’s like a demon hybrid of a back brace, her own Crouching Orange, Hidden Pantsand Emma Stone’s Lanvin rump cape — mixed, of course, with the infamous skirtaloons, first spied in the wild on Jennifer Lawrence. Dior has created a TA-DA moment for her groin, where usually no jazz hands nor fanfare is desired.

Yes, Emma Watson is giving this crotch curtain a better shot than most, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bulls-eye. Look at it from the side:

If it were all of a graceful piece with the pants, it would at least feel fluid. But it’s not. And if it isn’t built in, then it’s … a hip cape, I suppose. And unless it was tacked in place to her leg, what’s stopping that sucker from sliding around all night, to the point where she has to yank it back into place? REGULAR skirts do that, so surely portable picnic blankets would. Unattractive AND potentially irritating are not the most enticing combination. Maybe she thought it was an invisibility cape.

Having said that, I’m equally sure some people will love this because she is so adorable, and to that I say: She is WAY CUTER than a waist drape.

[Photos: Getty]