Remember how I said that I like to read the marketing copy that explains the inspiration behind designer lines? This one is good:

Home and the house – places of familiarity and comfort – inform the collection. Home is interpreted as a place of safety, which allows one to be comfortable enough to experiment, relax and express personality. Objects, colours and textures from the home inspire the pieces, which are put together with the signature humour and refinement that underlies Ports 1961. Just as our possessions and the objects we choose to live with always reflect the self, these elements suggest and define the taste and style of the Ports 1961 woman. This season, she is prepared, protected and tough.

The people at Ports are smart, as this totally undercuts the joke I was going to make about one of these ensembles looking like a bath mat: IT IS A BATH MAT. Well played, friends. Well played.

[Photos: Ports 1961]