Cosmo is a magazine renowned for its sex advice, sex tips, sexy sex stories, and obsession with, yes, sex. So it’s perfect that Cara Delevingne went to them for a big story about how she’s got a new line of vibrators. Never has synergy been so, er, stimulating? If I’m being honest, though, the story was a little lacking for me. With one small exception, it glossed over the details of why exactly her particular sex toy products might be any different than anything else out there — people reinvented the Rabbit ages ago — and so her clapping for new colorways doesn’t feel like a very specific contribution. Of all the mags to, um, go deeper, you’d think it’d be Cosmo. (Side note: I am not wild about Cosmo’s cutesy byline: “Words by.” It takes the notion of craft out of it to me.)

As for the cover… I have to be honest, I don’t love that either. It’s very flat, considering she’s an actual professional model. Though it’s very entertaining to me that the publication that would’ve once run, say, “98 Tips That Will Blow His… Mind” is now trumpeting buying thank-you gifts for your pets.

[Photo by Dennis Leupold for the July/August 2021 issue]