Today I learned that Laura Harrier is not British (why did I assume this?!?) and that she is not 24 (she’s 32). So never let it be said that magazines are not educational. Most of my experience with her has been through her appearances on behalf of Louis Vuitton — she has been something of a fashion darling — but I gather she’s in the most recent iterations of Spider-Man, just played Robin Givens in Mike, and is in the upcoming White Men Can’t Jump remake. The Q&A-style interview covers everything from 90 Day Fiance to Roe v. Wade, to colorism in Hollywood, to whether she worries about career repercussions for speaking her political mind rather than, as the dolts say, staying in her lane:

Well, I would say that I’m not coming at these topics as an actress. I’m coming at these topics as Laura, as a woman of reproductive age who’s affected by Roe v. Wade. I’m affected by Black Lives Matter issues because I’m a Black person in America, because that’s my family, because that’s my little brother walking down the street that I worry about. It’s not because of my job that I care about these issues. It’s because of my humanity that I do. To people who would say that, I would encourage them to look at their own humanity and ask themselves, “Why do I not care more?” I don’t really worry about backlash because if I don’t get a job because I believe that women should have access to abortion, then that’s not a job that I want.

My only beef is that I don’t actually KNOW that much about Laura Harrier, so a traditionally written and reported profile would have been more informative. Next time!

[Photos: Danny Kasirye for Cosmopolitan]