To be clear, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Nicola PB standing alone on this cover; I just think it’s amusing that the issue is called THE COUPLES ISSUE, but offered space to one half of the couple and not the other. I honestly expected to find out that Brooklyn, once a photographer, had at least taken the pictures? But no. The most he does is a 10-minute video with Nicola where they talk about their relationship, and chores, and how she seems afraid of the dishwasher because it’s “too many things,” or… something…  I don’t know, I tried to watch it but I had to dip out at the 5 minute mark.

Anyway, Nicola is on the front of the mag, looking for all the world like she wandered out of her bedroom expecting to find Brooklyn and instead bumped into a photoshoot. The profile is a Q&A, and thus, it’s mostly Nicola in her own words. Interestingly, some of those words are about how nobody ever writes the nice stuff, which to my eye is ALL magazine profiles do anymore (and this one, when it does use the writer’s voice, is obviously also supportive). It’s worth noting that at the time they sat for the interview, the wedding planner lawsuit hadn’t happened yet — Nicola later declined to comment on ongoing legal proceedings, which is correct and wise — which means she had no idea she was in for a lot MORE not-nice stuff being written. Still, it’s a harmless interview that will inform you that she and Brooklyn are super hot for each other; that she journaled a story idea that’s turned into a movie she wrote, directed, and starred in, and that she loves dogs. That’s the part where it feels like she lights up and has the most to say — talking about kill shelters and trying to rescue animals that are going to be euthanized. In the end, it may not tell you much you couldn’t already surmise from Instagram, but you can at least admire how ridiculously pretty her eyes are. She has such a retro look to her; they should be auditioning her for period pieces all over town.

[Photos by Shane McCauley, story by Madeleine Frank Reeves; Cosmo’s Couples Issue hits newsstands on March 28]