First and most importantly: Madelyn Cline was great in Glass Onion. Second, she looks good here but she also looks like a woman who is wondering if she can get away with pretending that her active wear is actual Wear Out wear because it’s so sexy on her. (I don’t know either, Madelyn!)

Finally, the interview is actually a hoot. She did say “love is tight,” as the cover headline promises, and I can’t deny the truth of this saying. Love IS tight. I don’t know that I love the objectively ridiculous Sexy Bowling aspect of the editorial shoot? I do enjoy bowling although I am terrible at it, but it’s not very sexy. But regardless, it’s a good interview and she seems VERY fun and likeable. I chuckled at this:

The Glass Onion press tour looked like a lot. London! Toronto! Thailand! I was at the world premiere in Toronto—you looked beautiful, by the way.

Oh my god. That dress. It was funny because when I sat down on the stage for the Q&A, the dress ripped up the middle. So I was holding my clutch in front of my crotch. They offered me a microphone to answer a question and I was like, [shakes her head “no”]. Like, oh my god.


[Photos: Amber Asaly for Cosmopolitan]