I feel like I could write a long, winding intro to this post but let’s get real: Fug Nation loves bags! I see the analytics! Y’all will click on a purse! (Especially this one, which I too am very sincerely considering.) Obviously, I include myself in this. About once every five weeks, I think…do I need a new bag? I might need a new bag. (I have plenty of bags, but I’m also very hard on them and a lot of them are starting to look a little beat up. I did just take a lot of them to my Shoe And Bag Guy and he made huge strides. But you know. The urge remains.)

So look at all of these new bags! Or, if you’re in the market for an older, pre-used bag, I do spend a ton of time digging around 1st Dibs. (Maybe I’ll finally get the Prada bowling bag I wanted so badly in 1999.) Shopbop is doing bag resale now, too. So is Coach! And of course you can always noodle around on The Real Real, or ReBag, or Vestiaire Collective. And please share your other good bag resale hints!

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