Honestly? I think she looks good. I think a lot of the inside pics are actually better than this cover pic, but I’m not particularly mad at any of them. What a refreshing emotion!

The profile itself is worth a read. The interview is done with her entire team there (wisely) (Lindsay’s PR woman has seen some stuff and there is something sweet about the fact that they’re still together), and it opens with this from her makeup artist:

Kristofer Buckle: I remember on SNL, she was going through a real self-tanner phase. The old-school lighting guy was like, “She’s too tan! She’s too tan!”

Just the idea of the lighting guy weighing in on this is so funny to me. She WAS too tan!

Anyway, the rest of it is very well done, especially because it seems like the author of the profile only got very limited time with Lindsay. Lindsay seems okay; she’s living in Dubai and going to bed at 9:30 pm, and she seems very happy to be back at work. (It’s probably good for her to be working.) She’s got a Netflix Christmas movie coming out, as part of a three-picture deal with them, and I suspect it is going to do VERY well. A LOT of people are going to think, “I AM gonna watch this Lindsay Lohan Christmas movie while I wrap presents,” including me. (Cosmo sums up the plot thusly: “Lindsay plays a newly engaged heiress who has amnesia after a skiing accident. A handsome local man takes her into his care and…well, it’s a rom-com—you can imagine the rest.” So it’s lightly Overboard, but with skiing? I’m down.)

This was a good bit:

You’ve worked with so many of the absolute biggest names in the industry—is there anyone you interact with professionally or otherwise who you get nervous around?

LL: Al Pacino.7 I actually have asked him for a lot of advice for a lot of things, especially work-wise and just life-wise, just because he’s a great person to talk to. Recently, I was at a restaurant in San Francisco with my husband and his family, and all of a sudden, this waiter was bringing our food to a different table, or I thought he was.…I was like, “Oh no, he’s taking that to the other table,” and then I realized he was blocking a paparazzi flash. And so when he came by, I go, “Oh, thank you so much for doing that.” And he goes, “Oh. No, I wasn’t blocking it for you. Al Pacino’s here.”

Let’s get Al in this next Netflix pic!

Photos: Ellen von Unwerth for Cosmopolitan; Cosmo’s Issue 7: The Work Issue hits newsstands nationwide on November 8.