First: I appreciate the circus-tinge that she and stylist Law Roach are giving these looks. These wide-legged pants/striped shirt ARE kind of Fashion Big Top, but in a way that only she can pull off. And this is VERY Sexy Ringmaster:

'The Greatest Showman' film premiere, Mexico City, Mexico - 13 Dec 2017

Wear Sexy Ringmaster when it’s on topic, I always say. AND ONLY THEN.

Related: Is it weird that Michelle Williams — who is also in this movie — is ditching¬†all its promotional events? Jen Lindley, we’ve seen you in worse vehicles before this one. (I actually have no idea if this movie is supposed to be any good or not. I just like to stir the pot.)

[Photos: Carlos Tischler/REX/Shutterstock]
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