On the runway, this gown was more of a mustard hue, and I think that on Chastain this is a good change. She could’ve pulled off the other, but this jewel of a bright blue is so pretty with her coloring. This has a weird unsnapped-bodysuit feel to it, though, doesn’t it? And are we seeing her black underwear or is that just a trick of the light bouncing off the beading? Can she breathe in it? Would this have been better if the skirt didn’t change textures? And why does the step-and-repeat say “Boxing Day at the Cinema” if the movie doesn’t come out on Boxing Day, Dec. 26, but rather Dec. 21?  And why didn’t I know that “bioscoop” is Dutch for “cinema”? It sounds like something that will debut on Shark Tank. I should learn more Dutch.

[Photo: WENN]