ALLISON JANNEY: I am truly a queen.


AJ: My simple white cocktail dress is also COOL PERFECTION.

MR: I agree!

AJ: My earrings are great, my shoes metallic! I am simply great in general.

MR: You are!

AJ: I’m also AMAZING in I, Tonya.

MR: You really are. You even have to act with a bird.

AJ: You, Margot, are also really excellent in I, Tonya.

MR: I actually really am.

AJ: Actually, everyone is good in I, Tonya.

MR: Even Sebastian Stan is really good in I, Tonya!

AJ: So we’re going to close this out on a positive note of love and approval and not mention that playing a figure skater might have warped your brain on the subject of illusion netting and how to use it.


AJ: Okay, great! Let’s go be charming everywhere.

[Photo: Photo by Dave Allocca/Starpix/REX/Shutterstock ]