Look at this absolute noodlemuffin! I cannot stand how cute his cute little face is — and here, his smile looks so much like Kate’s when she gets very gleeful, as seen in this gif:


It seems like just yesterday Prince Cheeksy McGee was gently feeding the dog an ice cream in his birthday pics,  or batting at butterflies while his dad wore HIDEOUS TROUSERS and his mother modeled a dress I’d still like to get a proper look at. TIME MOVES SO QUICKLY, MY FRIENDS! Before we know it, he’ll be posing for a birthday snap where he pretends to be reading a map with great sensitivity, and we’ll all say something creaky to our caretakers about how we remember when he was born, and they’ll be like, “that’s great, Ms Morgan, but it’s time to shoot your pod into the sun now, so please put on your hat,” and that will be that. Hold onto the good times!

PS: In honor of his fifth birthday, which is the 22nd of July, you can revisit all of Prince Squashy CuteTeeth’s public life here. You should also feel free to serve yourself some cake, IMMEDIATELY. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

[Photo: Matt Porteous/KENSINGTON PALACE/HANDOUT/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock]