Happy Friday, friends.

First, and most importantly: They’re making a movie version of Cats?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!!!!! WITH TAYLOR SWIFT? Am I hallucinating? [Lainey]

In other movie news, at Jezebel: A Movie Based on Wham!’s ‘Last Christmas’ Is on the Way. WRITTEN BY EMMA THOMPSON. Maybe I really am hallucinating. Am I in a coma right now?!

We rounded up some cute bags from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, ICYMI. (It opens today to everyone.)

Fascinating, at Town & Country: The Extraordinary Life of Martha Gellhorn, the Woman Ernest Hemingway Tried to Erase

So interesting at The Business of Fashion: Lilly Pulitzer Print Archive Rediscovered

At Pajiba: Och Naw, Hollywood: How to Do a Scottish Accent

At Vulture: Sterling K. Brown Fears Thomas Jane’s Bare Feet More Than Any Predator. HE IS MY SOULMATE.

Great, at the New York Times: Parker Posey Still Loves Generation X. Me too, Parker.

I LOVED this, at Deadspin: My 84-Year-Old Neighbor Has The Only Good NBA Takes

Via Kokatu: We Tried To Uncover The Long-Lost ‘American Sailor Moon’ And Found Something Incredible. “After speaking with the dead show’s creator, animator, biggest fans, and haters, I think I have finally uncovered the full history of anime’s white whale. It involves a quarter-million-dollar unsuccessful investment, a drugged-up cat, no shortage of corporate intrigue, a Storage Wars-style drama, several eBay bidding wars, and, finally, a dusted-over DigiBeta reel in a retired millionaire’s Florida garage—which brought its own surprises.”

I enjoyed this, at Apartment Therapy: 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before Buying a Tiny Home

At Revelist, this is v. relevant to our interests: 18 of the best summer dresses you can get at Target

At The Mary Sue: The Best Geek Couture in the Galaxy From the Her Universe Fashion Show at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. This is so creative!

This Page Six about the perks major magazine editors used to get is interesting.

And finally, I’m going to share something from a Fug National who wrote in this week. It was useful to me, and it may be useful to you (if this does not align with your own political beliefs, of course, feel free to ignore it): “In a recent Afternoon Chat, I noticed (with great joy) that many Fug Nation members talked specifically about how they were getting politically active — going to marches and knocking on doors for local candidates. I’m a volunteer for SwingLeft and I hope you’ll consider including The Last Weekend in your Friday round-up this week. The Last Weekend is an unprecedented initiative to drive volunteering on the last weekend before the midterm elections (Sat 11/3 – Tues 11/6)… The goal is to drive 1 million volunteer hours committed — so we need to get the word out. Can you help by amplifying to Fug Nation?” Done and done!