This is a very nice event — and it feels quite Senior Royal of Wills and Kate; I feel like everyone’s theories that the non-Queen members of this family are all slowly beginning to slide into their next rung on the ladder is true. They flew from London to Cyprus today to “meet active serving personnel, families living on the base, wider station personnel and members of the local community.”  Per Emily Nash at Hello, “William and Kate are playing Santa by bringing gifts and cards from the families of serving personnel, who they hosted at yesterday’s Christmas party at KP.” That is VERY heart-warming. (And while I feel the need to note that surely not everyone involved in this endeavor celebrates Christmas, I suspect everyone involved is happy to hear from their family as the year comes to a close.)

I am sure that we’re going to get a lot of articles that are like KATE LOOKS TO MEGHAN FOR FASHION TIPS regarding today’s ensemble, and while I generally roll my eyes at those (in both directions!), I do think today’s look was a bit Meghan-influenced — at least in that I think it’s possible that Kate watched Meghan do various engagements in smart trousers and thought, “I need to get in on that action.” We’ve previously talked about how Kate never wears pants (although she loves her jeans) — my own personal theory is that she has a hard time finding ones that are comfortable, due to her long torso, which is a struggle I too face — but I know many of you have longed for her to turn to the trouser. AND HERE WE ARE. I think she looks great, frankly. The pants are Jigsaw, the jacket is Smythe (she wore it in Canada, previously, and also has it in blue; I too own it in blue thanks to a sweet ShopBop sale a few years ago).

We’ve got lots of video of today’s event. It’s a good one:



This seems like it would be a very personally satisfying part of their job — hopefully bringing some cheer to people who are working very hard at a difficult job far from home.

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