These three really got up to it over the last 48 hours! Yesterday, they all went out out and ran around (and raced each other, which you can see below), and today Wills and Kate had several events, all of which were in aid of mental health. (And, yes, Kate’s red suit — her first look of today –may look familiar to you, and that’s because she’s worn it three times previously. She just must really love this one. We’ve all got something like that in our closets.) As far as their evening events go, I admit that I am DELIGHTED to see Kate in Oscar de la Renta, which seems like a very smart fit of woman and brand. Pics of that event are coming in super slow, but in attention to the pic I put in Ye Olde Slideshow, this is also a good look at it:

And, finally, because I know you’re going to want to see the race in action: