It has to be slightly unpleasant to be on the awards circuit knowing that everyone is looking at you and thinking, “I feel bad for Amy. She really deserved an Oscar nomination for Arrival.” Even Meryl Streep, who I suspect also agrees that her Oscar nomination for Florence Foster Jones is total BS. If I were Amy, I would feel obligated to make everyone feel better about how I might be feeling and show up looking perky and pretty and say a lot of things like, “No, I’m fine. Really! Truly! Really fine. So, how about that Super Bowl, huh??!” While, in truth, I’d want to show up at these things dressed like Angelina in costume for Maleficent and smoke the whole time. So what I’m saying is that I understand why Amy decided to go full Pleasantville — and I think she looks pretty! — I also would support her going full Woman Scorned.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]