Michelle Williams shouldn’t always be defined by her association with Heath Ledger and his sad demise, but like it or not, that mustard Vera Wang she wore to the Brokeback Mountain Oscars will go down as one of the most memorable outfits of her career — and those photos will be in every This Is Your Life article ever written about her. So it’s bold to dip back into the yellow well. It will always evoke memories, and invariably fall short. Of course, this one may not have stood a chance to begin with, on its own (de)merits: The gold strap is partly cool, but partly looks clipped on, like a child’s novelty suspenders. The color is tepid and the draping is sloppy. But what really gets me is the hip hole. You may not believe this, but I truly don’t have a problem with slices of skin here and there, artfully done and with elegant purpose. This, however, looks more like the dress ripped on the car door. Return to sender, Michelle, with extreme prejudice.

[Photo: Getty]