Here they are! This is the first time these two have done Easter at Windsor with the rest of the family. (We’ve seen them on Easter before, most notably in Australia when we all argued about what color Kate’s coat actually was; you definitely want to revisit that post, because it’s got Baby George and Princely Forearms and various adorable wild animals in it.) (We’ve also seen today’s coat before, in Canada, and you’re also going to want to revisit this post, because it’s got George enthusiastically waving at everyone. I’m serious. No one has ever waved so enthusiastically.) I think they look fine! I wish Kate would wear a color, but I suspect she wants to downplay herself to up-play (so to speak) the Queen. William, of course, is wearing his usual Easter ensemble of leggings covered in photos of his grandmother and a neon-green mesh tank top.

As for everyone else, we’ve — thrillingly — got tons of video. Her Majesty looks spry; Beatrice looks cute but cannot walk in her (adorable) velvet, chunky-heeled shoes; Eugenie insists on wearing that beige trench that washes her out again. In short, it’s rather business as usual. (Harry and Meghan are off somewhere romantic, if you’re wondering. He was seen arriving at her place in Toronto on Friday and they’ve said to have town. Wherever they are, I assume they’re both blissfully gnawing on individual chocolate bunnies right now.)

Looks like it was lovely in Windsor today. I hope it was nice wherever you are, too.

[Photo: AP Images]