This is Ryan Destiny, currently on the other Lee Daniels musical show Star, and let’s leave aside the shirt (which actually appears to be a leotard or a onesie) because I’m not looking for any kind of -pocalypse to break out in the comments. Instead, let us focus on the pant. Yes, pant. I don’t think it can be called “pants” if one half has been deleted. If you’re wondering what it looks like from the back… well, so am I, and she perhaps wisely did not indulge that curiosity. The culprit did at least thoughtfully leave the waistband so that her belt would have a soft place to land, but otherwise this is an extremely clean and almost surgical amputation– to the point where either she missed her calling in the ER with a scalpel, or it got erased from existence because Marty’s been playing with the DeLorean again, and something he did prevented the perpetrator from drinking whatever household chemicals led to this epiphany. Either way, if it’s not an all-time worst for Coachella, it’s Wall of Shame-worthy for sure.

[Photo: Getty]