In which the boat race itself was called due to unsafe sailing conditions, but whatever: WILLIAM IS WEARING NORMAL PERSON JEANS. I told you Kate would eventually toss the Dad Jeans into the fire pit. Victory in our time! As far as she goes, you’ve seen this all before —  I believe this is her Official Nautical Boating Outfit — but it might not help your cause if you’re trying to avoid buying another striped shirt. This post also has Sports Watching Faces (except this time, they’re “Wow, They’re Taking That Boat Out of the Water With a Crane!” Faces), and Team Cambridge pullovers that I hope Wills and Kate wear when they show up at Clarence House for game night with Chuck and Camz.

And just in case you’re just bumming around reading the internet this Sunday (NO JUDGEMENT), here’s Kate’s previous America’s Cup event (she’s a patron of the British team, which is why they were at this event today), including YACHTING SCANDALS, a giant trophy, and the surprise appearance of a member of Duran Duran.

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