Friday at last! As a programming note, Wills & Kate have an outing planned for Sunday (I believe), and we’ll cover it here, so pop on by if your weekend gets boring and cross your fingers she wears, like, a coconut bra whilst he sports plaid shorty shorts. Until then:

– You have until Sunday night to enter to win a GiGi New York Hayden satchel, so make sure you do so, if you’re interested!

– As a reminder, if you live somewhere other than the United States or Canada, and you wanted to read The Royal We on e-book but were previously thwarted, AT LAST it’s out all over the place on Kindle and iBooks and whatnot, in many many many many countries, from the Netherlands to India to Australia to the UK! GO FORTH AND READ.

– One of my favorite parts of Trainwreck was Tilda Swinton, who looks miraculously unSWINTON with long hair and spray tan. It’s genius. Stylist has a whole slideshow of similar transformations.

James Cordon and Paula Abdul recreated the “Opposites Attract” video, and you guys, Paula can still TOTALLY DANCE, and in giant heels. I didn’t know that I cared about this, but I totally did. (YouTube)

There was a new X-Files trailer this week — it has, like, six words in it, and Scully’s line delivery is SO SCULLY that I actually laughed out loud. (YouTube)

– I love this discussion on Zulkey about The Dumbest Stuff People Have In Their Kitchens.  You guys, I have a cast iron mold for mini Pineapple Upside Down cakes. Although, in fairness, mini Pineapple Upside Down cakes are ADORABLE and the one time I made them they were a huge hit so…worth it.

– Pajiba has the pitch video that convinced ABC to bring back The Muppet Show.

– So, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are getting a divorce. Lainey is, of course, on the case.  For example, there is a rumor that Miranda cheated, but that rumor was posited on Access Hollywood…on NBC….which airs The Voice.

– Relevant to all of our interests: Battles, Batman, and Liberace: A Cultural History of Capes. (Atlas Obscura)

– The Hiddleston/Olsen rumors are picking up steam. Sort of. (Celebitchy)

– I LOVE Kirsten Dunst in her 70s outfits in this trailer for the new season of Fargo. I really, really hope she’s awesome in it. (Lainey)

– Over at Mental Floss: Build Your Very Own Mini DeLorean With Soda Cans

– Fashionista asks a VERY good question: Why Is It Still Hard to Find Attractive-Looking Sports Fan Apparel for Women?

– Your Fugs & Pieces Recipe of The Week: Banana Split Shortcake. I’M IN. (Camilla Styles)

– Related, at Gizmodo: 9 cocktails made with LaCroix.

T Magazine brings us Taye Diggs’s prep for Hedwig & The Angry Inch

– Curbed examines The Rise and Fall of NYC’s Private Social Clubs, and it’s fascinating. The pictures alone…

Racked goes inside GOOP. (The offices, the business, the history. Not the literal personage of Ms Paltrow.)

– Look at all these literary tattoos! (Smart Bitches, Trashy Books)