We are entering the period of the summer that I like to call, ALL THE ROYALS ARE HIDING IN A CAVE. That said, Wills and Kate are allegedly doing an event on Sunday, so zing back over here this weekend and eyeball them.  The Casiraghi/Borromeo civil service is ALSO this weekend (the religious service is on the Borromeo island [!!] next weekend), and I am also going to cover THAT, depending on when/how many photos flutter into my possession. In other words: Stay tuned.

We did have some stuff happen this week, namely:

– We got a new pic of Prince George, from The Testino Christening Collection; and

– George turned two, and I put together a nice fat slideshow to celebrate. It even includes puppies!

As a reminder/news (you might have just gotten back from a fabulous vacation!): The Royal We is now available in English in e-book in many many MANY MANY countries, one of which is probably yours!  In most of these places, it should be available on all platforms that you use for your e-book reading, from Kindle to Kobo to iBooks, but here are the Amazon links for those of you in the countries where we have the most readers, just for ease of use:

And elsewhere:

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