This picture cracks me up. It looks like nothing more than William is making some ridiculous corny Dad joke that Kate thinks is cute and Harry just like [silent head shake]:

ANYWAY, these three are off to a wedding this morning — how pretty it looks at that church, no? All the daffodils. It’s very  I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud up in there — and none of that is new on Kate, although I have always liked that coat. (It’s Missoni, and you last saw it at this delightful event where the Queen was apparently hilarious and Kate and William were throwing giant darts at things and before THAT at Fortnum & Mason, where I wish someone would pick me up some marmalade. Underneath is apparently this Whistles frock, which she has had for years [and actually so have I, before I even knew she owned it; thanks, ASOS, for making Whistles available to us here in the US!) I must admit that I have a sincere fondness for Harry’s yellow vest, which he also wore to this wedding that happened last year. Interesting trivia in that post as it looks like William’s tie in this photo here is Harry’s tie there, but I actually think they own matching ties, which just makes me sad that they’re not taking Christmas photos in identical outfits; also, Cressida Bonas looks fully insane at that wedding. The bride at this particular wedding is apparently a longtime friend, and her father is an Olympic gold medalist equestrian who once dated Princess Anne. Don’t you feel like the seating arrangements at big royal events must just be a complete minefield when it comes to not seating people next to people they used to go out with? Everyone’s made out with everyone. Which obviously, is exactly the way it ought to be for maximum scandalous gossip and ergo exactly the way I like it.


It’s the new official family portrait, and essentially, I am dead now. HIS SHIRT SAYS “GEORGE.”

[Photo: Splash, Jason Bell/Camera Press/Redux]