I have been low-key obsessed with Miriam Shor for a long time. It started when she was the uptight nerdy neighbor in Swingtown, and got REALLY INTENSE back when I was the only person watching G.C.B. Now, I’ve just finished bingeing Younger — she is perfect; so funny, such perfect timing — and figured out that she’s the original Yitzhak in Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

So basically: 1) I am pleased to see Miriam and her glorious cheekbones looking so glamorous and cool at the International Emmy Awards, and I cannot figure out why the various gentlemen on Younger are not throwing themselves at her feet; 2) I’m a LITTLE concerned this is too tight, and that if anyone had gotten a proper shot of her that wasn’t from below, we’d be seeing weird nipple darts; 3) Maybe I don’t care because she is still working this; and 4) if you have missed out on Miriam Shor up until now, get thee to the TV Land app and treat yourself. If for no other reason, than to behold Diana Trout’s necklaces. She will provide your Accessories Goals as we limp out of 2016.

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