We were never not going to put Vin at the top of the order — Vin, whose legendary and peerless broadcasting career ended this year. (He might be the entire reason we’re covering this in the first place, because he is so cherished by us, particularly Jessica and her family.) To put into perspective what 67 years in the booth means, this is from SI earlier this year:

Scully has been conversing with players who broke into the major leagues between 1905 (Branch Rickey) and 2016 (Dodgers rookie pitcher Ross Stripling). When Scully began his Dodgers broadcasting career, in 1950, the manager of the team was Burt Shotton, a man born in 1884.

He was inducted into the broadcasting hall of fame… 34 years ago. What a gentleman he is. Please revisit this amazing ESPN collection of anecdotes about him as a person and a professional, a sound and a spirit. And then let’s celebrate the other honorees, which include Diana Ross, Kareem, Michael Jordan, scientists, architects, and Bruce Springsteen, who taught us more in a three-minute record, baby, than we ever learned in school.

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