I really enjoy Hayley Atwell’s face:

Mostly because I’m pretty sure she stars in my made-up Platonic Ideal of a 1930s British Summer House Weekend Caper-Romance-Murder(?)-Soap Opera I’m always talking about. She can be Matt Lewis’s awesome older sister who used to be So Full of Life, until she ended up marrying some crotchety old bastard who’s really mean to her and makes her life miserable and is totally miserly (despite probably being very handsome, because my Fake Movies are solely populated by People We Enjoy Looking At [which is different than being full of Celebrities We Recognize, a la New Year’s Eve, aka, The Movie Heather and I Are Most Likely to Watch On An Airplane And Hate But Also Enjoy Rolling Our Eyes At…wow, this parenthetical parenthetical has a lot of prepositions.]).  She could ALMOST wear this in the movie, although it needs a fanciful hat and gloves.  The fact that it’s slightly more 40s than 30s will be explained away by the amazing 3rd act reveal that she’s also…A TIME TRAVELER. And she’s popped back to warn everyone about Hitler. No, like, REALLY warn them.

[Photo: Getty]