My favorite game with wax figures is trying to figure out whether the artist in question had actually SEEN the person they were trying to recreate, or whether they maybe came across them once and dialed up a few Google images and maybe one or two of them were mislabeled. This isn’t NOT Beyonce, but also… it’s not Beyonce. It’s like a waxwork of a Beyonce impersonator. But I also see… maybe elements of Ashanti, around the eyes? And maybe a bit of Kacey Musgraves, specifically, the “spacey” part of her Instagram handle SpaceyKacey:

Beyonce's Wax Figure Unveiling At Musee Grevin In Paris

It’s obviously hard to put life into a waxwork but this one looks zoned out, like they found a photo of Beyonce standing around waiting to be called into the doctor’s office and were like, “Bingo.”

[Photos: Julien Hekimian/Getty Images]
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