This Baja East creation from the 2020 Grammys — sigh, we were so innocent then! — is an indelible Billy Porter moment, and I love that they chose it for his Pride waxwork. As a reminder, the designer’s quote about this was, “I mean, it’s like Elton John and Selena had a baby, riding a Clydesdale playing peekaboo.” Everything about that is perfect and deserves to be immortalized, even if it is effectively as a giant candle. I KIND OF wish Billy had gotten it out of the archive for a side-by-side comparison. A motherf’ing walk-off, if you will, and you know I will. But he’s resplendent over there in his roses, and maybe politely didn’t want to show up Madame’s artistes by serving it for real.

As a fun reminder, here’s an old slideshow we put together of terrible waxworks:

But, you should also click here to see the more recent ones we’ve added since compiling that, including a grievous one of J.Lo. Who DOESN’T like a heinous waxwork? I’m glad Billy isn’t going to be embarrassed of his, but there might be something equally fun in coming face to face with a really cringey one. There’s still time, I guess.

[Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]
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