I am never sad to see the Ted Lasso extended cast. It’s intriguing to think about how it must be to be them, the toasts of many towns, as compared with the folks who feel more like successful worker bees in the Dick Wolf Television Universe. Case in point: Chicago Fire. Most of those actors have been on a major network television show for years, some of them the entire run, and yet they fly under the radar and don’t typically participate in the ritzy, glitzy aspects of the industry. But that might be really nice! A great, steady living, while also being able to hit up the potato chip section of your grocery store without anyone reporting what you bought to TMZ. I assume Monte Carlo, then, is a great anomaly — go and glam it up in freaking Monaco for a few days like you are on Game of Thrones, and get your fill. Of course, and maybe it’s just general belt-tightening, Team Wolf barely sent anyone. In fact, a lot of random shows were represented, by very incomplete casts. Do you think they flip coins? That’s how WE do business, and we are obviously extremely professional.

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