Happy 4th of July weekend to my fellow Americans! Hope you have a fun one. We’ll be back with business as usual on Monday.

Over at Drinks With Broads: We kicked off our recaps of this season of The Bear! That one is a free taste but the rest of the season is for paid subscribers. Tuesday’s issue included chatting about the Olympics, important shoe news, crazy real estate, Sexy Jesus, and more.

Everything’s on sale. We rounded up some cute stuff earlier today.


Natalie Portman may have a new love interest! Good for her. [Lainey]

At Pajiba: The Undeniable and Irresistible Rise of Ayo Edebiri

Don’t ask me why I was so entranced by this thread on the TravelHacks subreddit: Post your worst food poisoning stories while abroad. Folks have gone through it!! It’s compelling! (I once threw up like five times in an airplane bathroom on the way from Los Angeles to London, where we were catching a flight to Cairo. I was fine once we got to Heathrow???? I don’t know what was happening but it was tough sledding for a few hours. You know you’re in bad shape when you willingly sit on the floor of an airplane bathroom. Now I travel with Zofran!)

At Vanity Fair: I Taught the Taylor Swift Class at Harvard. Here’s My Thesis.

I was literally just thinking about this: Whatever Happened to Serial Killers? [The Ringer]

Now I want one. The Century-Long Saga of the Caesar Salad: The world-famous salad is the pride of Tijuana, Mexico. But 100 years later, no one can agree on who created it. [NYT, gifted link]

Every word of this headline is bonkers: Ariana Grande Slammed by Jeffrey Dahmer’s Victim’s Family Over Comment That He Was Her Dream Dinner Guest. [Socialite Life]

At Girls of a Certain Age: It’s caftan season

You might need this, at Bon Appetit: 29 Fourth of July Cakes That Sparkle.

I LOL’ed at this headline at Defector. I hate Alexi: Love Him Or Hate Him, Alexi Lalas Stinks At His Job.

I LOVE this house! [House and Garden UK]

(Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for The New York Culinary Experience)