Deadpool & Wolverine revved up its promo overseas this weekend, and Emma Corrin joined the crew for the Berlin outing — which is when I learned they play the twin of Charles Xavier (James McAvoy/Patrick Stewart), and no, I have no idea how that works or in what timeline they all exist. Wikipedia says Wolverine is from an alt-universe, so… real talk, I don’t care enough to figure it out, because I haven’t seen the Deadpool movies and probably won’t start now. But Emma gets to play a villain, apparently, which ought to be fun for them. They kicked off the press with a Saint Laurent ensemble, and while I don’t LOVE the Sexy Secretary of it all, for me they did improve upon from the runway. They eliminated the intense monochrome of it all: no head covering, no tights-under-tights, which I think swallowed up the model a bit. Emma as a person stands out in it more. Is it on the honor roll? No, but it’s not on academic probation either.

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[Photo: Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images]