I miss Cate Blanchett. She had a very quiet 2011, but she’ll roar back to the red carpets next year with The Hobbit: OMG They Are Making Two Movies Out Of It: I Couldn’t Even Get Through The Book: Great, Now I’m Having Academic Flashbacks. In the meantime, things like this remind me why we need to have her back, and soon:

Besides the shoes being underwhelming, this looks like a tunic yanked over a petticoat. Which should only happen if you’re a saucy Medieval lass trying to find peasant clothes that fit, so she can masquerade as a  young worker boy and find out what Life Is Really Like and then fall in love with someone and then rip off her wig. … And now you can imagine what I read in school when I was supposed to be poring through all that Tolkein.

What would you do with this? Frankly, I think the tunic part would make an awesome little mini-dress if it were stitched up just-so.

[Photo: Getty]