This is seriously the ONLY picture I could find in our photo subscription in which Keibler WASN’T attached to Clooney by the hip:

And I get it. She’s nearly at the apex of her contractually-obligated Awards Season Relationship with him, and obviously, the closer you stand to Clooney, the more photos you are in. Is this terribly, terribly cynical? I’m sure it is. And listen, I’m not saying she doesn’t LIKE him — Clooney is a charmer, he’s got that place in Lake Como (I’d date Lord Voldemort for a summer at Lake Como [don’t worry, at the end of the summer, I’d certainly try to drown him. I’m a double agent!]), and by almost all accounts, he is very kind and gentlemanly to the Ladies He Dates For About A Year In a Manner No One Takes Seriously.  I’m just saying that I feel like Stacy Keibler has the wherewithal to be famous of her own accord — she was on Dancing With the Stars, for pete’s sake! Is there no greater PR accomplishment?! — and she seems sort of relaxed and cool, so I sort of wish she’d strike out on her own. I ALSO wish Intern George would stop having these weird fake-feeling relationships with age-inappropriate ladies and just be himself again. Unless being himself involves having strange-seeming relationships with younger women who wield considerably less power than he does, in which case I wish he’d stop being that person and start being someone who is madly in love with, like, Kristin Davis. Seriously, George, hear me out: she’s young-LOOKING, but she’s like 46, so it’s age appropriate. She has plenty of money from Sex and the City, so she’s not after yours. She’s not as famous as you are, which you seem to prefer. And she’s a brunette, which generally you like! I think this could work! Other ladies I suggest: Demi Moore (once she’s feeling better, of course), or J LO YES THIS IS A GREAT IDEA.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten all THAT out: this dress is fine. It’s lovely. It’s Marchesa, and it’s clearly from the What Have We Done? Chilled Out collection.  It’s totally appropriate when you’re the arm candy and not the focus. It’s probably comfortable. It’s definitely ladizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.