Okay, so in looking up the nominees for these awards, it seems that the titular critics have a Best Actress category, and a Best Actress in a Comedy category, but NO Best Actress in a Drama category — so, for example, Margot Robbie won Best Actress in a Comedy AND was nominated for the overall Best Actress award, but that went to Frances McDormand. Further, Tiffany Haddish was nominated for Best Supporting Actress overall for Girls’ Trip but then Best Actress in a Comedy for… the same part. How do you go from Best to Supporting in the SAME NIGHT for THE SAME PART? To me that suggests an overall bias toward comedy being considered lesser or easier, so it gets its own cute little bone but then things reshuffle once you put it up against the Real Movies. I of course disagree with that view, but it’s just a hypothesis; I can’t come up with any other reason for doing it thusly. I mean, it makes the Golden Globes look totally rational.

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