First of all, Alexandra Daddario is doing the rounds on morning TV to promote…Kleenex Wipes. That is, I assume, not the cheeky name of a movie she’s in with The Rock about, like, a muscular superhero felled only by his allergies, but ACTUAL Kleenex Wipes. To which I say: Good for you. Make that Kleenex money. I’d happily endorse Kleenex for money! I’m already buying it! (Standard issue Kleenex, anyway; I do not buy Wipes, so I guess I can expect Alexandra to email me about this.) I also say: Good for your PR person for getting you on morning TV to promote a brand! That is not easy! And ALSO ALSO I say, thank you, Alexandra Daddario for literally crediting everyone behind this look on your Instagram, because it makes MY life easier. It’s how I know this very pretty floaty dress is Carolina Herrera (the back is sort of surprisingly saucy), those very cute shoes are Manolo Blahnik, and the┬ávery impractical, very charming little bag is by a brand called Hunting Season. Thank you for enabling my window shopping, Alexandra. God knows, I don’t want to do any WORK today.

[Photo: Michael Simon/]