We’ve talked in the past about whether we’d cover the fashion of Dr. Jill Biden, or Vice-President Harris, and our intent is to give it a go occasionally — particularly if there is ever a big-stage moment like a state visit. Dr. Biden’s choices interest me because she had said she plans to keep teaching, and also, I was curious whether she’d shift into promoting American designers in the vein of Michelle Obama.

In March, however, Dr. Biden’s team put out a statement saying there would be no comment on her clothes insofar as listing the brands. To a point, I understand it — she’s doing a lot of workmanlike daily appearances, and there have been quite a lot of them. Maybe she’s recycling a lot of stuff she already owns, and doesn’t want the pressure of new outfits for everything (that’s fine! Sustainability is a good thing!) and/or always having American brands on-hand if that’s not what was already in her closet. But what a missed opportunity it would be at times. Hopefully as we go forward, they will remember that — as we saw with Markarian — there’s a lot of power to be wielded here to goose domestic fashion brands. Who knows when we’ll have a fancy formal occasion again; in the meantime, a day dress here and a coat there would be really nice to see ID’d and acquired with some thought to an industry that employs a lot of people who could benefit a lot from that kind of platform.

Of course, none of this means we can’t still try and talk some shop. How a public figure presents themselves may never be their main story, but it’s certainly worthy of a few paragraphs therein — besides which, let’s be real, I wanted to cover the tights — so here is a comprehensive but not complete look at what Dr. FLOTUS has worn during a pretty active two months or so.

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