Carey must be gearing up to attend the Oscars, because she made her way to New York for SNL and the talk-show circuit with Marcus Mumford in tow (and probably their kids), so probably not just a quick pond-hop. I forgot to note in that SNL post that she was at times giving me a Kyra Sedgwick vibe I had not expected, so… consider that noted, although it’s not as prominent here for me as it was during that episode. Anyhoo: Markarian started out the year with a splash at the Inauguration and then delivered a solid collection, from which I picked this one for Kaley Cuoco for some reason. Kaley… Carey… it’s KIND of similar, they use the same vowels and sometimes-vowel in their names, they both have blond hair, I imagine them to be similar heights… I’m going to count it because I am a big cheater. This is cute — it reminds me of the lighter end of Schiaparelli’s whimsy scale, like the collection in which the fabrics had spoons, or fruit, or vegetables on them. A gentle fork pattern here, a lobster there. Her two in-person appearances have definitely been more interesting to me than what she pulled for the Zoom shows, so hopefully she’ll keep pushing in that direction for the Oscars and give us something more than just Champagne silk and a spaghetti strap. I love pasta but I’m tired of it on her.

[Photo: Getty courtesy of Markarian]