I had not pegged Rihanna as an earnest gift-wrap person. To be honest, I hadn’t thought much about celebrity gift wrap habits, but you know, some of them are obvious. Angelina Jolie just uses plain black wrap. Jennifer Garner probably uses thick brown paper and draws specialized and highly personal doodles on it by hand, which look beautiful (and also she clearly does those lettering books they sell on Instagram). Viola Davis gets really thick, funky patterned wrapping paper from a nearby boutique paperie. Reese Witherspoon pays someone to wrap her stuff in gingham patterns and artisanal brown twine, and will eventually open a stationers at the back of her Draper James store. Common takes the time to curl the ribbon, because he cares. Dax Shepherd uses all the left over kiddie wrap from birthday parties for his adult friends. Catherine Zeta-Jones just hands you things and says, “Sell it on eBay if you don’t like it.”  And Rihanna… honestly, this maybe does track. Rihanna does seem like someone who values the gift-giving but forgets to get the wrap until it’s too late, so she ducks into whatever gift shop is closest — in this case it may have been one on the first floor of a hospital — and buys whatever bag is available in the right size and then runs right back into her chauffeured car.

Oh and also, we have those pants.

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