Grace Kelly won her Oscar in 1955, for The Country Girl. It was actually the first and only time she was nominated for Best Actress (she’d nabbed a Supporting nomination the year prior for Mogambo), and she beat out quite a field: Judy Garland for A Star Is Born, Dorothy Dandridge for Carmen Jones, Audrey Hepburn for Sabrina, and Jane Wyman for Magnificent Obsession. (She’s with Marlon Brando and his statue for On The Waterfront; he beat out a murderer’s row of famous actors himself.)

The dress is designed by legendary costumer Edith Head, who in 1953 — the year of the first telecast — was appointed some kind of fashion steward for the ceremony to make sure that celebs dressed appropriately. It’s an extremely classic silhouette; I’m surprised someone hasn’t done a direct custom homage. Maybe they have? We all know my memory is… petite, at best.

Have I stalled enough here to keep you from automatically being able to see the color photo? PERHAPS. If you had to guess, and if you do not scroll down first, what would you say this is? Would you have guessed white? I did. Yes, the black-and-white photo tricked me. I’ll give you that much of a hint: It is not. Behold:

Oscar Winners

Minty! Just how minty is anyone’s guess, because I have two different pictures in two different lighting scenarios, and it’s hard to tell which is the more accurate:


What do you think? Satisfying, or underwhelming? In a weird way, for me it’s both. The hit of spearmint was welcome, and it’s an unusual red carpet color, but I also stopped on it and said, “Hmm.” It’s not a green I would usually choose and so I can’t help trying to picture it in other hues. Edith Head would be horrified at this Philistine, I’m sure. Would you change a thing, and risk Edith haunting the shit out of you one night in a tizzy, or is it classic perfection as-is?

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