I was so confused by why T.I. here appeared to be wearing a combination of a leather jacket and a Kardashian waist-training torture device. But apparently, T.I. here — who was performing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s posthumous induction of Tupac Shakur — chose it as a tribute, because it’s a replica of an outfit Tupac himself wore in 1996 on the New York Times Magazine. (Which is actually rather sweet.) So I guess the question is how Tupac was able to reach twenty years into the future to understand the basic Kardashian aesthetic, and also I suppose who wore it best. I’m going with Tupac. I can’t believe I am about to discuss this in a real way, but: I think T.I.’s jeans are a smidge too hipster for the corset and suspenders — he almost looks like he’s about to post a photo on Craigslist and offer his domination services, but at Coachella only — and that Tupac’s slouchier, shaggier bottoms at least provide… contrast? Oh, who am I kidding? It’s still nutty. And it was brave of T.I. to try, but this might be the kind of thing to leave in Tupac’s legacy and Tupac’s alone. Still, you know what they say: True friends will wear each other’s S&M barrels.

[Photo: Getty]