SWINTON is just so groovy.

I just want to go over to her house, where I assume she will be wearing this and she’ll hand me a weird cocktail and then we’ll go out into her treehouse — don’t be misled, it’s actually a very modern structure — where she will give me blunt and excellent romantic advice and then leave me to go canoodle with one of the men in her household, asking me to rearrange her slacks wardrobe as payback. AND I WILL HAPPILY DO SO. I mean, truly, I would look like an IDIOT in this ensemble — trying too hard, party of one — but she seriously just….looks like this. Teach me your ways, O SWINTON.

Even this is good on her:

And it’s a dress strapped to another dress with orthopedic sandals. I do think that she’s rather brilliant in that she basically never accessorizes, so that something that might seem EXTRA INSANE on anyone else is at least Toned Down Insane on her. Plus: the color is good. Minus: it IS strangling her, which is rude. But those two dudes behind her seem willing to rescue her if need be. Breathe easy.