Remember this?

Well, Fug Madness 2011 winner Taylor Momsen should enjoy the last few days of her reign, because we’re prepping to crown a new champion.  Brackets come out on MONDAY, and games begin next week (as it does every year, Fug Madness runs concurrently with the NCAA basketball tournament. They have many similarities beyond just bracketology, you know. For example, every year, a high seed will be upset by someone who really doesn’t have the strength of schedule/wardrobe to carry the title, but whose few shining moments were so, er, shiny, that they can not be ignored). But before Heather and I lock ourselves into the GFY HQ Chamber of Secrets to decide on this year’s chosen contenders, we must survey YOU, Fug Nation. Who do you think deserves to contend for the title this year. REMEMBER: Fug Madness has NOTHING to do with the celebrity’s body of work as a whole, but rather ONLY what they wore from the day after the 2011 Oscars through the 2012 Oscars (some people have a fiscal year; our year runs Oscars to Oscars). Take a look through our archives, rack your brains and weigh in, please. Who had a very good bad year?